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  • Equity Research

    广东 - 深圳


    工作职责: Responsibilities of the role: - You will cover a generalist perspective upon Asian equities with an emphasis upon Industrials, Consumer, Healthcare and Utilities. - The lead analyst role reports directly to the globally renowned senior fund manager, and this role is to head up the fund's China, Korea and Singapore equities. - In-depth rigorous bottom-up analysis of stocks, and so buyside experience in Global Emerging Markets or Asian equities is essential. In order to be considered for the role, the right candidate will display the following traits: - A strong track record of over four years in the Long/Short buyside equity space in the GEM or Asian Equity markets - Stock pick in a rigorous, bottom-up and fundamental in-depth research - High and strong track record of individual and fund performance - Excellent financial background, detailing constant employment and steady progression

    职位编号:ID 00000006

    发布日期: 2013-07-02

  • APAC Sales Director

    香港 - 东区


    工作职责: The Role: In this role, you will oversee *****`s sales operations in Asia Pacific. You will manage sales managers located in Asia and collaborate with the global sales leader and global product teams to build and maintain a world-class sales organization. This position will be based in Hong Kong or Singapore. Responsibilities: + The person in this role will be a senior sales manager responsible for all Asia Pacific sales activities and sales teams. + Provide leadership to the day-to-day operations of the sales organization, while maintaining focus on the company`s strategic goals. +Manage sales managers across Asia and Australia, elevating their performance and holding them and their teams accountable for sales targets. + Collaborate with product teams to maximize their effectiveness working with the sales teams. + Identify best practices across the organization and drive the implementation of these practices globally. + Own organization and deployment of sales person development Requirements + Minimum 10 years of experience in sales or product marketing with a minimum of 3 years of sales management experience. + Experience working across multi-national markets. + A 4 year bachelor`s degree with focus in marketing or other business related areas is required. + Knowledge of financial/investment industry is a plus. + A Master of Business Administration degree with focus in marketing or technology is a plus

    职位编号:ID 00000005

    发布日期: 2013-07-02

  • 首席风险官

    北京 - 朝阳区


    工作职责: 1、参与公司重大决策,确保公司合规经营; 2、负责对风险进行定性和定量评估,改进风险管理方法、技术和模型; 3、负责检查公司业务运作流程,对公司各类合同的执行情况进行监督,确保运营稳定; 4、根据市场预判对资金流动性、投资组合情况等进行风险评估,发现问题及时提出风险预警并采取有效措施控制项目风险; 5、负责对公司金融投资及相关项目的审核,对风险点进行把控与梳理,对业务风险控制;及时掌握业务政策、行业状况、市场情况变化,提出相应对策,及时提示潜在业务风险; 6、负责推动企业风险文化建设。

    职位编号:ID 00000004

    发布日期: 2013-07-02